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Test in English
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Da: ruggerio02/10/2012 16.46.49
Now that I am a resident in Italy for over 1 year I must take my driver's exam. Ok, bene. But my Italian is still so-so and even though if I took the exam in my mother tongue (English) I would pass the exam easily. In Italian it's very very difficult for me to understand the verbs, adjectives, imperatives. It isn't fair, there should be a tesat in English too.
Yes, I know some say, You Should Know Italian! true but while I study I can't work so well because I can't drive my car and the buses don't go where I need to work.
Also, put a tax on the foreign language exams and the government makes more money.

Da: abarone300 19/10/2012 02.38.33
I feel your pain!
I'm almost in the same boat, though I'm a bit more at advantage, because my mother language is still Italian.
I do have a problem with the way things are done here; Much bureaucracy...
After living in the States for close to forty years, I realize how things I took for granted there, work so bad here...
Take the Italian driver's license for example; It's taking me two months so far, and I haven't even taken my written test yet! They want close to 800 Euros between license, fees and "Scuola Guida"
To think that just a few years ago ( before Italy turned "Europe" on us) Italy and US had an agreement to convert driver's license...
Do you realize that the cost for just taking the written test is close to 55 Euros and a bunch of papers, when in the States, is just one form and a $10 fee, I think the total license fees amount to no more $120
You are right about the Italian goverment wanting to make more money than they should, I thing they're in cahoot with driving schools here and split the dividends...

Good luck with the tests!


Da: Nals22/10/2012 16.56.30
It sad to say in here at Italy because at for the first time only this country has no English test & also no English speaking yet. Although it has some similarity word from English to Italians. I've been working for two gulf Arab countries which is Dubai & Kuwait but they are speak in English even they don't have alphabet words not like Italy. As far we know English is international languages but why Italians isn't make for second languages to them for easily communicate from other people specially us ( Stranerie)and also it helps for an investment.Hopefully sooner or later this country will prevent an English test for Drivings not more in lectures but more in Actual driving.Many thank!!!

Hear our suggestion :)

Da: don10/11/2012 08.12.17
i am also in thesame pain now.i just register for the driving school,and all the materials they gave me is in italian language.and i am not fluent in italian language yet.most countries in the world,also make provisions for those that cant speak their language.but here in italy,their case is just defrent.that is why their economy is doing down now becouse they refuse to introduce english language to their citizens.check all the countries in the world that is growing fast now,u will fing out that they give thesame impotance to english language.somany people are leaving the boat because of this their u most speak italian virus.well,i pray they should realise that fast.

Da: Dor18/11/2012 11.08.35
aftet fourty five years in America,I decided to come to Italy my mother country for a change of pace. Holy cackleberries where am I,can you believe it, is this for real, are you kidding. These and other questions in and outscrew my mind. Man its crazy here. No doubt about it Americans don't come here, like they use to. I believe it's one good reason why the Italian economy is bad.Take this licence conversion argument,(Listen to me all of you politics qua!!! a Italia, you need to change whats absolutely wrong,right now: It would be a change for the goodness of Italians and Americans.) No conversion for American licenses-what! Historicaly speaking,America helped Italy get on it's feet from day-one and still begs to be saved by it, in every way.still this country SHIT'S on the hand that feeds it and its the truth-for Gods sake do something for once.

Da: Davies20/11/2012 12.39.29
Is sad to see the way things work in this country, what is wrong with one paying such a huge sum and you don't get what you have paid for,I thought I should give it a trial but is really difficult to understand those objectives, paroles etc, 800 hundred euros is too big to throw away, but I have been trying my best though! , 99% of the foreigners in this country are not professionals, when you look at the types of job here! It sucks, I would have like to do much study here but is impossible to do two things at a time,same apply to this scuola the guida. I mean Government should counsel this system of one Language for this course, is a stupid idea, whoever that introduce that must and should revoke such things and he himself or they should open their eyes, this is 21st century. Italy is not communist are they?

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Da: Yesandno20/11/2012 20.17.49
I'm italian (and I can't understand all you wrote) and I think loads of things here must be improved. Even if there were a conversion for american licence or an english exam, 800 euros are too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And there is a lot of useless burocracy everywhere. I really can't stand it.
Anyway, Italy is not as bad as stereotypes show it!!!!

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